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Old School Values for Milleniums


Growing up today is pretty darn hard. Everywhere we look, there is constant information being pushed in our face. Whether it's facebook, youtube, gaming, television, twitter or instagram, children, as much as their parents, are being bombarded with information as time is flying by at the highest rate of speed we have ever experienced. Where, then, and how is a child supposed to learn about the "old school" values of generations past? 

There was a time, long ago, when being raised with manners, values and morals was a part of our every day life. I can still remember my mom's "look" when one of us kids didn't do something that was expected of us. That was all it took...the "look" and each of us, my brother, my sister and I, felt the wrath that was coming our way for not behaving in the manner we were taught. Back then, we all took it for granted. It was just the way we and most of the kids in the neighborhood were taught. We didn't realize the treasure trove of jewels we were receiving.

We are now in what everyone refers to as the generation of milleniums. So many of them don't or prefer not to communicate with conversation. Everything is a text, a tweet or a twitter. Learning is instantaneous because all you have to do is "google". There is, again, the vast amount of information at our fingertips...but at what cost?

We need to fill the souls of our children with a foundation that pays homage to us as human beings first and foremost. It is our job to pass down from generation to generation lessons that can't be taught by just "looking it up". We need to gift our children the importance of giving it their best every day in whatever endeavor they are embarking on. We need to teach them to be successful, not entitled. To teach them that life is made up of choices and the consequences of those choices. We need to teach them in a fun, imaginative and colorful way. 

What a wonderful world we will create by doing what is expected of us.


Have you heard?