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Milla Bizzotto: A True Sporteenie Role Model

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Why do we want to be the best? Why do we always root for the underdog...and who do we become when we combine all of these facets into one specific embodiment of spirit? Why, the answer's quite simple. We become that spectacular someone who believes in them self and uses that mind-set to soar. We become Milla Bizzotto, a true Sporteenie role model.

Only 9 years old, Milla had the fortitude to take a bad situation and make it good. She found herself in the very same "game of life" situation in which the Sporteenies compete against...bullying. Milla knew she had to the power within herself to defeat this bad behavior by using her ability to choose.

Her decision to get 1% better and stronger every day, inspired Milla to train at her father's gym in Miami for 3 hours a day 5 days a week. Her focused dedication resulted into an amazing fitness regime which prepared her for the grueling 24 hour Battlefrog obstacle course event designed by the U.S.Navy Seals. She swam 36 miles, swam 8 kilometers and completed in 25 obstacles, one which included crawling through mud under barbed wire .

So, you see, Milla is every bit a Sporteenie hero. She believed in herself, she gave it her all and now she's a voice for anti-bullying through her national headlines exposure. The consequences of her actions speaks volumes. She's a winner.

Milla, thank you for choosing to win. 


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