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Old school values...where have they gone? Well, they're right here! Our Sporteenie books are one-of-a-kind. With the creative and colorful guidance of Polka Dot Rose and her Playbooks filled with hand-drawn illustrations and rhyming limericks, she teaches the reader how to "choose". Being responsible and keeping score of the choices you make can only lead to thinking before acting. Look in the mirror and see whose reflection you see staring back at you...is it a beautiful, blossoming rose or an ugly, painful thorn? It is up to you as every choice you make has a consequence...just remember, "a mirror my friend cannot tell a lie. It is the very truth you cannot deny". Did you win or did you lose? Only you know the real truth. Being a Sporteenie is giving it your best and believing that you can be whatever you choose to be. Mom and Dad, you owe it to your child to give them every tool possible for a strong foundation...tools that will inspire pride, confidence and self-respect. Gifts that can never be bought, only earned. Gifts that will last a lifetime. Why not make it fun.

Each Sporteenie Playbook has a key-charm necklace treasure, a Sporteenie button pin, a collector's edition trading card and a "Sing-a-Long" DVD, as well as a little key hidden on each page. Will you find them all? 



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