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Donna Imsand - BasketballDribbling down the court 36 years ago, I never saw my future as it has unfolded. You see, I never dreamed that one day I would take all my experience and passion as both an artist and an athlete to create the world of Sporteenies. I took a detour for 23 years as The Cake Artist but realized that I wanted to satisfy this burning desire inside of me that longed to fulfill a need I carried with me since childhood...a brand for girls who love to play, get dirty, climb a tree, throw a ball and yet still be a beautiful girl. Back then, they were called "tomboys"...today, they are called "Sporteenies". 

As a kid, I loved playing sports. It didn't matter the game as long as I was out there competing. I had an older sister who was more of a "girlie girl" and she had "Barbie" to play with and identify with...me, I had nothing.

Being an athlete and playing on a team filled my heart with joy. It gave me purpose, introduced me to lifelong friends and taught me many lessons and values I didn't realize I was learning at the time but most of all, it provided me with things that cannot be bought, only earned, and can never be taken away...pride, confidence and self-respect.

When you're on a team you realize that you are just one of many, giving it your all and striving for a common goal...to be the best. You learn teamwork, rules, manners, hard work, responsibility, taking direction, to use your brain to make decisions and to give it your best...every time.

The Sporteenies exemplify all of those things. 

It has been a pleasure and an honor to create, illustrate and author the Sporteenies. Now, it is up to you, the parents, grandparents, family or friends of little kids everywhere to gift them with all the Sporteenies stand for and what may be missing in their lives because of the hectic pace we now find ourselves living in. A gift that will be with them forever. 

We owe it to them...


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